BioProfiling.de is a free web portal for analyses and interpretation of biological data of various natures. BioProfiling.de provides a common interface for a collection of recently developed analytical tools for genomics, proteomics and metabolimics data.

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BioProfiling is well established portal that has been used by many groups for analyses of "omics" data. Please see BioProfiling google scholar profile .

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BioProfiling.de provides you most comprehensive analytical toolkit for interpretation of a gene list. In one submission your gene list will be analyzed by several recently developed web tools . The gene list will be profiled in respect to almost all available information regarding gene function, interactions and pathway relationships.

Regarding statistical methodology employed, BioProfiling.de tools can be divided into two categories. The first group (ProfCom, PLIPS, CCancer, GeneSet2MiRNA ) employs modified enrichment analyses schema. The second group (KEGG spider, R spider, PPI spider) uses novel recently introduced statistical methodology for the network based interpretation of a gene list.

Regarding data used for analyses, BioProfiling.de tools cover almost all available information regarding gene function (Gene Ontology), protein interactions (IntAct) and pathway relationships (Reactome, KEGG). In addition, tools like PLIPS and CCancer will profile your gene list with unique information collected by text mining. Finally, GeneSet2MiRNA provides you with possibility to understand whether or not your gene list has a signature of MiRna regulatory activity.


Please visit our example Gallery to get quick guide of results one can get using our tools.

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Please visit our Scientific Gallery. Here we present recently published most interesting papers which used our tools for interpretations of experimental data to address important biological issues.

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