The tables below summarize the results for your submission. Please note, that 99 genes from your list can be mapped to the reference global network.

Table "Enriched subnetworks" provides a major output. Please, refer to help links to get detailed information with regard to the meaning of each column.

Table "Enriched pathways in the Input List" provides a list of enriched pathways (if any).

Enriched subnetworks

Model Defenitionhelp The Number help
of input genes
(covered by the model)
p-value Table:
Interacting Pairs
Link to online
visual output
Link to Download help
network in .xgmml format
for visualization
with Cytoscape
Link to Download help
network in .text format
for visualization
with Meduza
Model D1
(0 missing gene(s) are allowed)
6 < 0.1 Table D1 View Model D1 Model D1.xgmml Model D1.txt
Model D2
(1 missing gene(s) are allowed)
45 < 0.005 Table D2 View Model D2 Model D2.xgmml Model D2.txt
Model D3
(2 missing gene(s) are allowed)
81 < 0.01 Table D3 View Model D3 Model D3.xgmml Model D3.txt
Please note that for online vizualization you need to have Sun's Java engine installed on your machine (Version 1.5 or better). As well as your browser must be able to run Java applets (Turn Of Pop-up Blocker).

Enriched pathwayshelp

pathway IDDescriptionNumber of input genesInput genesp-value